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Apple Watch Sales Doing Better Than Expected Say IDC

Apple Watch Sales Doing Better Than Expected Say IDC

Apple now claims that they sold more watches in their first quarter of availability than it did iPads or iPhones which is good news for Harvey Norman and Dick Smith who is  

IDC said Apple shipped 3.6 million Apple Watch units in the second quarter, after it began shipping on April 24.Fitbit shipped 4.4 million units during the second quarter.

The numbers are among the first credible indicators of Watch sales. 

The Wall Street Journal said thatv Apple hasn’t provided its own figures, opting to keep its numbers secret to avoid tipping off competitors.

IDC said Apple’s sales placed it second among sellers of wearable devices behind Fitbit. 

The IDC figures suggest the Watch has gotten off to a better start than the iPad or iPhone. Apple launched the iPad on April 3, 2010 and sold 3.27 million units in that first quarter. 

The iPhone went on sale in June 2007 as the quarter was wrapping up and sold 270,000 units. In the following three months, Apple sold 1.12 million iPhones.

The Watch has battled a stream of negative publicity since it appeared in the spring. No models were available at Apple retail stores until mid-June. Then, research from Slice Intelligence said Watch sales fell 90% by the end of June, compared with its initial availability.

In late July, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said Watch sales had surpassed Apple’s own projections – without saying what those were – and said the Slice data was “absolutely false.”

A new version of Watch software – watchOS 2 – is coming out in October.