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EXCLUSIVE: Lenovo Snares 10% Of Consumer Notebook PC Market, Acer Also Powers Ahead

EXCLUSIVE: Lenovo Snares 10% Of Consumer Notebook PC Market, Acer Also Powers Ahead

The Chinese Company who launched their new range of consumer notebook PC’s in November will shortly expand their range to include a new range of desktop and workstation PC’s.

Among the new products set to be launched in Harvey Norman stores is a new 27″ all in one PC that ChannelNews was shown at CES 2015.

Several new products will be launched by PC vendors when Microsoft officially launches Windows 10 on the 27th and 28th of July 2015.

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What is unique about the new Lenovo all in one PC is that it folds down flat to a surface so that two people can access the screen from either side, it can even display two separate keyboards allowing to people to play a keyboard.
The big loser in the last quarter according to GFK data was Apple who saw their brand share slip from 15% to 11%. Another market share loser was Toshiba with their share falling from a peak of 19% on Jan 15th to 17% in March.

During the month of March 2015 Toshiba witnessed a 12% decline in value while HP value share fell 8%. During the same period the overall PC market went down 4%.

Between March 15th and April 14th Toshiba was among the worst performing PC Companies with only 9% unit share Vs 26% for Apple, 33% for HP, 19% for Acer, Asus was -3%.

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Acer saw their overall mobile computing brand share go from 12% in January to 15% in March.

In Australia the mobile computing market has grown from 93,880 units in the week of March 14 2014 to 122,256 units as at March 15 2015. The laptop category made up between 72 and 80 % of the overall market followed by Ultra Mobile devices. While media books tapered off during the first three months of 2015, Slate tablets grew from around 6% to 8% share. 

According to Lenovo Australia CEO Matt Codrington the opportunity is there for Lenovo to grow their consumer share even further in Australia.

Speaking to ChannelNews from China he said “We are more than happy with the growth that we have achieved. We have several new products coming and later this year we will launch the Motorola brand in Australia.”

Lenovo Consumer Sales General Manager Brendan Lau said “Back in November we chose to launch a premium notebook offering with the Yoga Pro 3 and our Yoga tablet range. This strategy proved to be the right strategy as we were able to significantly grow for both JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman the premium notebook category”. 

Back in March JB Hi Fi management said that the introduction of the Lenovo Windows based PC product had led to a 40% lift in their premium notebook category. 

Lau who joined Lenovo from Hewlett Packard said “We are pleased with our market share results since launching in Oct last year.  Our Yoga Convertible Notebook range has been a success with the consumer, we represent over 40% of the Premium Notebook segment in Australia”. he added.

He added “We have been focused on establishing our Mainstream PC business whilst continuing to deliver Premium Innovation to the consumer with our Yoga range and we are currently expanding our Consumer PC offering in market, launching a broader range of 2 in 1 Convertible Notebooks & Desktop PC’s over the next few months”

Darren Simmons CEO of Acer Australia said “We are extremely happy with the growth we have achieved. We are now working on improving our yield. We have a lot of new products coming in the consumer PC market including a new all in one PC, new gaming notebook, tablet and 34″ curved monitor and a full range of 2 in 1 notebooks that are not only stylish but have a great new hinge system which several top reviewers who saw the range last week in New York have praised”.