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5G Set To Sweep Aussie Businesses, New Study Finds

Samsung is tipping that 25 percent of organisations in Australia will take up 5G services in the next 18 months, and a further 55 percent will adopt specific 5G services within the next three years.

The findings come from a Samsung white paper, 5G for Business in Australia: The Early Years – Intent, Adoption, Use Cases. They are based on a survey of 813 IT and line-of-business-decision markets in Australian organisations, and interviews with CXO-level representatives from 25 Australian and international organisations.

According to Samsung, respondents said they see 5G supporting a number of specific business outcomes for current and future operations:

• Increased customer care, service and engagement;

• Faster and more effective information access to support decision making, training, analysis, etc;

• Enabling the adoption of intelligent office/future workstyles; and

• Data management including creation, securing, ingestion, exfiltration, analysis; supporting cloud services consumption and removing the “bandwidth” tax many organisations experience in their day-to-day operations.

“We heard multiple use cases that organisations are currently developing to support these and other business goals,” the report says, going on to list examples of each.

Samsung said the research had also shown slow connectivity is retarding workplace productivity.

Some 68 percent of businesses said their business operations are constrained by network speeds and performance (67 percent for mobile and 69 percent for fixed networks).

“And it’s impacting where it hurts,” the report adds. “Business told us it has the most detrimental impact when employees are mobile away from the office, engaging with clients, and even working in the office.”

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