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5G Conspiracy Theorists Blame – What Else? – COVID-19

SYDNEY: While the COVID-19 phenomenon currently sweeping the globe and making hundreds of thousands very sick – or even dead –  it is perhaps easy for some people to point the finger. Consequently the looney conspiracy protagonists looking for someone to blame have placed 5G high in the frame.

The speedy 5G – or fifth-generation – mobile network will power Australia’s hyper-connected future, but for some Internet users it’s become a conspiratorial free-for-all, according to ABC science reporter Ariel Bogle.

Her report notes that in the USA the notion that the 5G rollout causes coronavirus, or that it “lowers the immune system” so the virus can enter the body, quickly found celebrity boosters including actor Woody Harrelson, who shared an Instagr,am post on the subject with more than two million followers.

NSW Labor politician Penny Sharpe has been bombarded by a raft of stories about the supposed radiation dangers of 5G and even a supposed link to the coronavirus.

“There are connections being made that I think are fanciful,” Sharpe says. “[They] are being used by a whole range of different people for a range of different reasons that have got nothing to do with keeping people safe and healthy through the crisis.”

She said claims that 5G’s radio waves damage the body have been roundly denounced by a number of radiation and medical experts, but continue to be cultivated among a significant network of anti-vaccination and anti-5G Facebook pages users.

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