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Clarke Still Frozen Out As ACS Internal Dramas Continue To Flow

SYDNEY: As it continues to shed members, the Australian Computer Society is continuing to cold-shoulder major critic Roger Clarke, pictured – and successfully preventing him from joining its management team.

Clarke late last year played a major role in the launch of legal action to prevent the ACS board from changing the structure of the ACS from a professional society to an outfit which, unlike its predecessor, would have no president.

However Clarke’s court action saw the management team’s plan rejected and a new vote for the presidency called for March. Clarke attempted to stand for the post, but his nomination was rejected by the board and Ian Opperman – a former Nokia and CSIRO exec, was elected unopposed.

Clarke then stood for Opperman’s previous job as vice president, but was again rejected by the board. An ITwire report notes that this leaves three contenders for the post: Michael Blumenstein, head of the School of Software at the University of Technology Sydney; security specialist David Cook from Edith Cowan University; and Karl Reed, a retired computer science academic.

Immediate past president Yohan Rammasudra, a major figure in the proposals to change the ACS to company status, remains a member of the ACS management committee and its national congress.

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