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Optus And Level 3 Partner Up For Faster Content Delivery

Optus And Level 3 Partner Up For Faster Content DeliveryLevel 3 is providing Optus deep-edge caching services, enabling Optus to locally cache high-demand content on its network, giving Optus quicker access to content, while growing Level 3’s content delivery network (CDN) capacity in Australia by 300 per cent.

In announcing the partnership today, Optus noted the “demand for online video continues to grow globally”, citing Adobe’s most recent Video Benchmark Report, which found that online TV video consumption grew 388 per cent from 2013 to 2014, along with¬† new research from Park Associates, finding that nearly 50 million streaming media players will be sold worldwide by 2017.

The growth of online video along with smart devices has created “a greater need for reliable, fast and high-quality streaming video across the world, including in Australia”, Optus stated.

Optus stated its collaboration with Level 3 will allow it to offer customers faster deliveries and improved delivery completion rates, additionally providing the capacity to scale on demand to handle traffic spikes without affecting quality.

Optus can also resell Level 3’s CDN services across Australia.

Rob Parcell, Optus Wholesale and Satellite managing director, stated that it is “critical for Optus Wholesale and Satellite to be able to facilitate content delivery from customers to end-users efficiently and in a way that elevates the end-user experience”.

“Through Level 3’s CDN, we are able to improve the consumption of video, music, photo and data content over the internet, not just locally within Australia, but also across the globe,” Parcell commented.

“Broadcasting customers and website owners with rich media content will benefit from the deployment of this CDN network.”

John Blount, Level 3 regional president of North America and Asia, noted that “the explosion of over-the-top and other internet video content can put a lot of strain on a network”, which he stated creates issues in picture quality, speed and reliability.

“By putting our CDN servers on Optus’ network, we are enabling a better streaming video experience to Australian consumers, as well as creating a way for enterprises to leverage our CDN network for their content needs,” Blount stated.