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EXCLUSIVE:Sharp OZ Axes 8 Staff, Exit From TV’s Tipped

EXCLUSIVE:Sharp OZ Axes 8 Staff, Exit From TV

Four of those given a pink slip on Friday came from the TV and appliances division while four more are set to go from Sharps copier division. 

Mark Beard one of the high profile executives axed was previously Marketing Director at Samsung Australia. 

Confirming the retrenchments Sales Director Joe Costantino said that the move was designed to deliver better efficiencies for Sharp Australia who are under pressure to cut costs domestically due to the Sharp Corporation suffering massive losses due to poor manufacturing investments and poor marketing of the products they manufacture. 

“This decision was strictly a local decision and had nothing to do with global cuts” said Costantino

Costantino said “The restructure of our sales network is linked with the restructure of internal staff. The market is changing and we have to be more proactive. We have to deliver a better experience in store and we have to invest in both consumer and retail sales education programs. We have excellent products and we have to tell people about them”. 

ChannelNews understands that Sharp is looking at getting out of TV’s. An insider said “The unique position Sharp was in had large screen TV’s above 70″ now several vendors are delivering a new generation of large screens TV’s that are 4K, they also have access to apps such as Netflix”.

“B of this several retailers around the world are rethinking whether they will stock Sharp products that get very little marketing or another brand that is delivering TV campaigns, event marketing” they said.

Last week we reported that Sharp globally was set to cut staff levels and reduce pay for its managers and other workers in fiscal 2015.

Sharp, which has about 4,000 managers across its domestic group companies, is set to cut pay by 5 percent for managerial staff and by about 2 percent for others insiders have said. 

The troubled electronics giant expects to save more than A$94 million a year through measures to reduce labour costs.

The company had originally considered trimming wages by 1.5 percent but is now opting for a larger cut in light of further earnings deterioration in the January-March quarter, Nikkei reported last week.

Sharp expects to post a net loss of $2B, they said that their global staff count will be cut by 12 percent a move that is expected to cost more than $1.7 billion, a person.

It is not known what the local cuts will cost Sharp Australia.