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59% Of Oz Businesses Are Already Investigating VR

According to the Telsyte report on VR in Australia, released earlier in the week, 59% of Australian small and medium businesses are investigating or already have a strategy to develop VR applications as consumer demand increases.

Telsyte’s estimates say that a quarter of Australian households will own some form of VR headset by 2021 with industries like healthcare, transport and retail listed as potential commercial adopters of the tech.

As put by Telsyte Managing Director Foad Fadaghi, “over the next decade, Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies will create opportunities for small and medium size businesses to interact with their customers in new immersive ways.

“Many organisations are investigating VR and AR applications to help transform their businesses much like mobile apps and websites did over the past decade.“

Telsyte’s report asserts that 45% of retailers have begun integrating or planning to integrate VR into their shopping experience.

42% of health businesses and 31% of transport and storage businesses are making similar investigations into what VR can offer their customers and workforce.

This interest in VR by businesses is a trend that NBN Co’s Head of Business Ben Salmon has also observed.

He says “we’re already seeing examples of innovative businesses developing immersive and high-bandwidth VR experiences outside of gaming to tap into new industries such as healthcare, retail and real estate. The research shows we will continue to see growth in these sectors as more Australian businesses consider a VR strategy to reach their customers in the coming years.”

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