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Garmin’s Index Smart Scale Gets Users Connected

GarminSporting a sleek, modern design with a
bright LCD display, Garmin’s Index Smart Scale measures weight, body
mass index, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass and bone

It automatically uploads measurements over Wi-Fi to the
Garmin Connect app, providing fitness stats and support
, and also supports Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

Supporting up to 16 different users,
the Index Smart Scale can recognise each user when they step on the
scale and automatically upload data to their individual Garmin Connect

Users also have the option to link their MyFitnessPal
account with Garmin Connect, automatically syncing calorie and nutrition

“We designed this Smart Scale to be both beautiful
and functional, and with it we’re able to complete the wellness circle
of weight management,” Matt DeMoss, Garmin Australasia general manager,

“We’re also excited to offer this as an option to our
millions of running, cycling and multi-sport athletes who are looking
for a smart solution to track body composition data along with the rest
of their data in Garmin Connect.”

The Index Smart Scale is available in both black and white from November, carrying a price-tag of $249 RRP.