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50 Aussies A Week Get Nobbled By A TV

The lounge room is where you go to relax and wind down after a hard day of work but a new report by the ACCC says it is not the safe space once thought with 50 Aussies a week being hit by a TV or piece of furniture.

Approximately 2,600 Australians receive hospital treatment for injuries caused by toppling furniture and televisions each year, equating to approximately 50 people per week.

Since 2001, it is reported at least 22 children under the age of 9 have died in Australia from toppling furniture or televisions, with children under 3 years of age at greatest risk.

The ACCC recommends securing all TVs to the wall; attach, mount, bolt or otherwise secure furniture to walls and floors.

Melanie Courtney, CEO of Kidsafe Victoria, says children’s curiosity and lack of awareness of danger placed them at increased risk of injury from TV and furniture tip overs.

Delia Rickard acting chair at the ACCC says tip-over accidents happen quickly and reinforced the importance of parents and carers securing furniture to make their homes safer for children, “We strongly encourage parents and carers to check every room in their home for toppling hazards and anchor any tall or unstable furniture or large TVs.”

Rickard says the ACCC will continue to work with retailers to increase awareness about the dangers posed by unstable furniture. This includes ensuring retailers supply appropriate anchoring devices to consumers, better in-store signage is displayed, and warning labels are affixed to products.

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