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New Panasonic Blu Ray Players Don’t Have New Blu Ray Spec

New Panasonic Blu Ray Players Don

The models launched in Australia yesterday include the $995 DMR-BWT955’s triple HD Tuner model that comes with 2TB of storage but not have the new Ultra HD Blu ray specification, users will not be able to get the benefits that the specification delivers. 

Panasonic Japan executives said that new model Blu ray players with the specification will go on sale shortly. 

ChannelNews was shown a Panasonic Blu ray player with the new specification at CES. It is not known why Panasonic Australia executives chose to launch top end Blu ray players without the benefits of the new specification.

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) finalized its Ultra HD Blu-ray specification this month.

Panasonic USA executives said that they expected to ship new Blu ray players by August. 

Besides increasing Blu-ray disc resolution to 3840×2160 pixels, the Ultra HD Blu-ray specification also delivers a “significantly expanded colour range,” high dynamic range (HDR) video, and high-frame-rate content, the association said.  

Object-based sound formats are also supported. An optional “digital bridge” feature will enable consumers to view the content of purchased discs across a range of in-home and mobile devices. The specification also requires Ultra HD Blu-ray players to play back current FullHD Blu-ray Discs. 

The BDA said it is working with companies in the authoring, testing, certification and replication industries to develop ways to ensure interoperability between players and software and help launch the format with a selection of hardware and titles. 

During CES, Victor Matsuda, chairman of the association’s promotions committee, said the association expects “products to follow pretty quickly after licensing begins.” 

With the new $995 DMR-BWT955 users will be able record three programs in HD from different channels, or record two programs while watching another, while the Twin HD Tuner available on other models enables users to record a program in HD while other viewers are watching a different channel.

The models additionally offer built-in 4K up-scaling, with Panasonic stating its “advanced image processing technology analyses the colour and luminance of every pixel and boosts the input signal to generate an ultra-high-quality 4K video signal” complementing Panasonic’s 4K panels.

In addition, selected models also offer 4K JPEG and 4K video playback.

Panasonic Australia has not said what the cost of new model Blu ray players with the new spec will be.