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More Than Power: Mobile Wireless Charging Set To Soar

More Than Power: Mobile Wireless Charging Set To SoarJuniper has found that the US will lead the charge, with nearly 40% of households using wireless charging by 2020, with over 20% of households in Europe to adopt wireless charging in the same period.

However, consumer perceptions of the technology, in particular related to its efficiency compared to wired charging, will likely keep interest relatively low in the short term, with Juniper finding that a visible infrastructure presence, where the technology can be tried without committing to a purchase, has a key role to play in increasing awareness.

Along these lines, as more devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and soon laptops, implement wireless charging, infrastructure providers are starting to rollout support for the technology, in a way similar to public or customer Wi-Fi, Juniper noted.

Juniper also found that the provision of additional data exchange services alongside wireless charging will be one of the biggest areas of potential for wireless charging in the coming years, with easy data exchange to in future enable a variety of over-the-air services through the charging points.

“Wireless charging will ultimately be about more than the power and speed of charge,” research author James Moar commented.

“The ability to pinpoint device location through data exchange enables all kinds of location-based activation functions around the home, the car and in the leisure industry. Industry stakeholders must be ready to leverage this capacity.”

Juniper additionally found that a fifth of all wearable devices will incorporate wireless charging by 2020, which it noted “will have a huge impact on the space, permitting diverse designs without physical connectors”.