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$4 Smartphone Ringing Bells

$4 Smartphone Ringing Bells

Indian company Ringing Bells is about to release a smartphone on the Indian market that costs less than US$4 – or about the cost of an Aussie Big Mac, or a double-shot cappuccino.

Ring Bells says it is ready to ship the first 200,000 handsets, but many rival Indian tech companies are sceptical about the release.

The Freedom 251, pictured, is an Android phone that will cost Indian users 251 rupees. It has a camera on both front and back, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, a quad-core processor – and looks similar to an iPhone 5.

The phone comes in either black or white but has only basic applications such as a calculator, music player, Web browser and e-mail. It is assembled from knock-down parts bought in Taiwan and China and put together in India.

Ring Bells CEO Mohit Goel denies the allegations that it is a fraud and says so far 70 million people have registered online to buy a Freedom 251.

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