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LG To Go After Top End Super 4K TV Market With New DUAL Premium Model

LG To Go After Top End Super 4K TV Market With New DUAL Premium Model

Like Samsung and Panasonic LG is set to go after the premium end of the Australian TV market with several brand set to announce access to Netflix streaming in March. 

Among the new LG range will be 55″ 65 and 77-inch models with curved and flat screens. 

The Korean Company will also show a brand new version of their Web OS management system that is set to take on Samsung’s new Tizen smart TV OS.

The company will also introduce a concept known as ABCD. So what is ABCD?

Angle (A): LG OLED TVs allow viewers sitting off-centre to enjoy exceptional picture quality.

Black (B) and Colour (C): The OLED line-up incorporates several advanced display features, including LG’s proprietary WRGB OLED technology. This ensures images are rendered with perfect blacks, striking colours and infinite contrast ratio.

Design (D): LG’s Art Slim design philosophy focuses on creating the slimmest TV possible while keeping the overall aesthetic simple and clean the Company claims. 

The crown in the new LG line-up will be their new DUAL PREMIUM TV’s, Samsung is calling their premium 4K TV’s SUPER Ultra HD.

LG told ChannelNews that their strategy in 2015 is to focus on the premium TV market with its new TV line-up.

 With its DUAL PREMIUM strategy, LG is confident it can secure a leading position in the global premium TV market with OLED TVs while simultaneously expanding the size of the premium TV segment to create more opportunities for its new top end models.

Retailers such as JB Hi Fi have said that they are confident that the demand is there for top end TV’s with the Company looking to expand their range of premium consumer electronic products in 2015. 

LG’s Prime UHD TV is a tier above the company’s current model ULTRA HD TV’s with the new models featuring technology such as the Companies, ULTRA Luminance, 4K in-Plane Switching (IPS) panel and Prime Mastering Engine which LG management claim delivers a premium, cinema-like experience. 

LG’s ColorPrime technology magnifies the range of colours that can be displayed on screen by utilizing different LED phosphor colours, creating greater image depth and realism. 

ULTRA Luminance technology continuously analyses the brightest and darkest parts of the displayed content in order to improve brightness and resolution. 

Equipped with LG’s 4K IPS panel, the TV renders detailed images at extremely wide viewing angles. What’s more, the Prime Mastering Engine optimizes the settings of the TV to boost picture quality to premium levels.

In addition, LG’s PRIME UHD TV (Model 55UF9500) comes with the wafer thin 8.5mm Ultra Slim Design display in an industry where competing displays are between 40 and 50mm in depth.

 LG’s integrated Auditorium Stand matches the metallic finish on the bezel around the screen. The stand also complements the centralized Harman/Kardon sound system by functioning as a sound reflector.

Outstanding User Experience via webOS 2.0

LG’s new webOS 2.0 Smart TV platform is an upgraded version of the company’s prior webOS user interface. 

WebOS was originally designed under the “Make TV Simple Again” concept in an effort to counter the growing frustration with overly complex TV menu systems. Smart TVs equipped with webOS have been forecasted to top one million in unit sales within the first half of 2015.

“We’re excited to be introducing a comprehensive range of distinctive TV products that deliver stunning picture quality to communicate what we mean by premium,” said Brian Kwon, president and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “LG OLED TVs and PRIME UHD TVs reinforce the brand as synonymous with picture quality. With these unparalleled home entertainment solutions, LG is finding itself in a very favourable position as the premium TV market leader.”