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Former Sony Sales Boss Takes Top Job At Topfield As STB Sales Take Off

Former Sony Sales Boss Takes Top Job At Topfield As STB Sales Take Off

Hargreaves a 26 year veteran at Sony quite for a two year stint at Delonghi, before taking on his new role at Topfield.

Both Hargreaves and leading research groups predict that set to boxes have a bright future as consumers move to streaming and bundled services.  

Topfield, a Korean Company pioneered the development of set top boxes with the Company now working with several global Companies to deliver a new generation of OEM branded devices. 

In Australia several mass retailers such as JB Hi Fi are re assessing their commitment to set top boxes with several set to give a new generation of STB’s which include larger hard drives, new networking capability and better features shelf space. 

Worldwide set top box markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the next generation TV Internet systems provide a way to improve bundled channel video services.

IT Market Research claims that between now and 2018 demand for STB’s are set to grow globally from $8.7 billion to an anticipated $15.6 billion by 2018 as next generation gateways and cloud computing are introduced to manage Internet connectivity to HD TV devices in the home.

The research group said that a new generation of set top boxes that house new capabilities such as being able to record up to 16 channels, faster forward capability and new networking and Wi Fi chipsets will see the devices being used to support entertainment, business, educational, and healthcare video services delivery to the home. 

Shortly Topfield will launch a new range of devices in Australia claims Hargreaves. 

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the TT Market study, “Set top boxes bring Internet to the home. They are evolving the capability to be used by the cable and TV entertainment industry to deliver Internet services. 

She said that the cloud is becoming the preferred Internet delivery model for entertainment. 

Bundled channels of video such as that now provided by Netflix, Stand and Presto are becoming a compelling business model replacing broadcast TV free channels with bundles of paid channel packages. This bundled programming model is anticipated to continue to thrive as Internet services are added to the TV set research groups claim.

WinterGreen Research said recently that set top boxes will last for a long time with the addition of Internet access capability. The issue is whether bringing Internet protocol (IP) to the set top box will destroy the proprietary bundling of channels for TV. 

Bringing IP to the TV set is not significantly different than having the Intent available on the PC or mobile phone. 

They said that IP TV brings more content, particularly health services as new content, but it is not anticipated to disrupt the existing bundled channel services entertainment and sports model that cable providers are now delivering.