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35% Of NBN Users Now On 50Mbps Plans

Latest numbers from the ACCC reveal 35% of NBN users are now on 50Mbps plans – a “nine fold increase” this year, as more residential broadband customers move to ‘high-speed’ NBN plans.

For the quarter ending June 30th, the number of 50Mbps services soared 47%, notching 1.5 million customers.

The results are a stark increase from 159,000 customers in December 2017.

Customers of 25Mbps NBN plans dropped 15% versus the previous quarter, while 12Mbps services climbed 5% and 100Mbps services slumped 3%.

The ACCC claims an increase in 50Mbps plans for two consecutive quarters is a positive market response to the NBN’s ‘Focus on 50’ promotion – offering wholesale discounts and credits to RSPs for moving customers to 50Mbps plans.

ACCC Chair, Rod Sims, claims the nine-fold increase in 50Mbps speed this year proves high speed plans can be delivered “if the incentives are right,”

“We are pleased to see retailers responding to their customers’ needs,” Sims asserts.

“It is good for competition that retail service providers with smaller market share like Vodafone and MyRepublic are connecting customers at a greater number of points of interconnect.”

By June 30th, there were [at least] seven access seeker groups acquiring services at 117 POIs – up from 95 POIs the previous quarter.

All 121 POIs reportedly have at least six providers connected, including five providers (Telstra, Optus, TPG, Vocus and Aussie Broadband) who are connected at all POIs.

MyRepublic curently are at 99 of the NBN POIs, with plans to connect at all 121 POIs in the future. Vodafone currently are at 91 of the POIs.

As at June 30th, the NBN Co is supplying a total of 4,133,791 wholesale residential broadband access services, up from 3,813,994 the previous quarter.

Access seekers notched a total of 6,990 gigabits per second CVC capacity – a 16% quarterly jump.

Further information is available on the ACCC’s website here.

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