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NBN In Move To Speed Rollout

NBN In Move To Speed Rollout

The multi-technology integrated masterreements (MIMAs) cover the NBN’s fibre-to-the-node fibre-to-the-building and fibre-to-the-premises rollout in the Northern Territory the ACT and additional parts of NSW Victoria and South Australia.

The contracts have been awarded to SA Power Networks (Northern Territory and South Australia); QC Comms (ACT); Lend Lease (NSW) and Decon and Service Stream (Victoria).

“We designed the new contracts around quality safety and speed and to enable our suppliers to compete for work” commented Michael Doherty NBN executive general manager for industry management.

“This will lift the efficiency and pace of the rollout which is a marked change from the former contracting model where suppliers were allocated large volumes of work but faced no competition and laboured under a huge administrative burden.” – Channel News