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Casio Watch Marks 40 Years Of G-Shocks

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the G-Shock brand, Casio has announced a limited release, titanium, and ion-plated MRG-B2000SG watch to celebrate the milestone.

The Casio MRG-B2000SG is made in dark silver and designed in keeping with inspiration drawn from a specific Gai helmet, including a maedate crest with a tiger pattern – the Shougeki-Maru.

Because of its materials, it is highly durable, but it also runs on solar power, has a full auto-calendar, and world time.

Features also include an LED light, a countdown timer, a stopwatch, daily alarm functionality, and more.

If they are released in Australia, you can pick one up for around $9,000 give or take. Or just fly to Japan to pick on up as that is where the watches will be released initially.