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$449.99 Artificial Intelligence Oral B Toothbrush

Updated 10 December to reflect Australian pricing and availability. 

Oral-B has launched its Genius AI toothbrush which uses artificial intelligence to help you brush your teeth better for $449.99

Available now from The Shaver Shop for $449.99, the nearly $500 Oral-B Genius AI has finally launched in Australia with an expensive thud.

The US version, known as the Oral-B 10000 Genius X is available for US$220, so where the extra $120 is coming from is anyone guess.

Featuring wireless Bluetooth connection, the Oral-B Genius AI links to a dedicated companion app on your phone to time how long you brush your teeth for, how to pressure your applying, where you have been brushing and where you should brush more next time.

Utilising sensors within the toothbrush, the device can detect pressure and its location within your mouth, something a reviewer from Forbes was most impressed about.

It does this through the “Genius AI algorithm” which provides a better brush guide, with a full rating as well.

The app also allows users to customise the look of the SmartRing on the Genius AI toothbrush.

One thing that makes the Oral-B Genius AI not so intelligent is the lack of compatibility with voice assistants like Google or Alexa for features like reminders to brush teeth.

If the included toothbrush coaching from the Oral-B companion app is not enough to warrant the $449.99 price tag, then you’re probably better off with a more affordable model, or the free toothbrush from your dentist.

The Oral-B Genius AI comes with three different brush heads that promise to remove 500% more plague, along with a rechargeable battery that lasts two weeks and an included travel case that can charge both your toothbrush and smartphone at the same time.

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