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2020 TV & Home Entertainment Buyers Guide Exposed To Over 35 Million

TV’s and home entertainment gear are in big demand as JB Hi Fi results revealed yesterday, to help consumers keep up to speed 4Square Media has produced a massive SmartHouse TV and Home entertainment digital magazine.

The free publication which is set to go live on the website of JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys two of Australia’s most successful online retailers as well as on the Press Reader app which attracts over 9 Million subscribers.

Last month when our Hibernation Guide was live JB Hi Fi online got over 25 Million visitors according to SEMRush Analytics, The Good Guys over 10 million and Press Reader over  9 Million subscribers.

More than 600,000 people downloaded SmartHouse and Plug Magazines.

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The new TV Buyers Guide publication is free and fully interactive.

We review LG Nano Cell TV’s, Yamaha soundbars, we take a look at the new Samsung SERO twist and turn TV which is ideal for people who want to view their smartphone content on a vertical TV and then press a button and you have a large horizontal TV.

We also take a look at the latest in sound gear spanning headphones sand soundbars as well as new Belin cables and the latest accessories from Cygnett.
The JBL Bar Series soundbar delivers 5.1 sound with removable rear speakers.

It has it all with value TV’s from Bauhn, Hitachi, Philips, Linsar and Akai.

We also reveal the right notebooks to watch movies and streamed 4K content on.

There a wood framed TV’s and new 8K gaming TV’s as well as new sound gear from Bowers & Wilkins.

We take a look at the slim line Marantz receiver as well as new audio speakers from Klipsch.

This publications has it all.

View your free TV Buyers Guide here:

2020 SmartHouse TV Buyers Guide

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