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Can Samsung Note 4 Out-Phablet iPhone 6?

Can Samsung Note 4 Out-Phablet iPhone 6?Samsung unveiled the new 5.7″ Note 4 down under last night and is kicking off a global invasion of the ‘phablet’ as it goes up against Apple’ larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, that have sold 10 million since last Friday. 

Sources say the Korean tech giant is aiming to ship 15 million Note 4’s within the first 30 days of launch.  

The Galaxy Note phablet, has proved a hit for Samsung so far, and the latest model will be available in 140 countries by the end of next month. 

Although mobile sales have slowed of late, Samsung, the worlds largest phone maker, will recover quickly due to its strong fundamentals and technological prowess, President D.J. Lee, said in Korea this week, reports Reuters. 

He expressed confidence Galaxy Note 4 will sell better than Note 3, noting stronger pre-orders to date. 

The Android device goes on sale in Korea this week and in mid-October for $949 in Australia.

Samsung is also looking to outrun iPhone 6 by releasing it China later this month, before Apple’s devices hit the lucrative market. 

But its not just the phablet market Samsung is looking to grow. 

It debuted a raft of new technology in Sydney Opera House last night – Note Edge, also a 5.6″ phablet with a Quad HD super AMOLED display and Gear Virtual Reality headset.

Non-mobile stuff includes new Gear Circle Headphones and Gear S Tizen smart watch, running on Samsung’s propriety operating system. 

All will be available pre-Christmas.

Plus, with talk of bending screens on iPhone 6, maybe Samsung will have the last laugh, after all.