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Live IPTV Ratings To Hit Screens

Live IPTV Ratings To Hit Screens The company, which collects data from the 35,000 subscriber households for its FetchTV IPTV product, will rank the programs people are viewing on its set-top boxes by size of audience. 

The ranking will be available for anyone to see as part of a relaunch of iiNet’s electronic program guide at the end of this month.

It will rank free-to-air TV programs, as well as streamed pay-TV channels, from information gathered from the set-top boxes via the Internet, claimed to give it one of the biggest television research panels in the market.

The data collection tool is owned by Fetch TV, who confirmed the technology is a “valuable asset” and the IPTV provider has been approached by several companies interested in the IPTV viewer information, a spokesman confirmed.

The company is currently “exploring” opportunities and there is likely to be developments in early 2015. There’s huge interest in what’s trending, how many people are watching various shows, movies and other content, the Fetch TV rep. added. 

Fetch has over 130,000 subscribers, likely to expand to 150,000 by the end of the year. 

The viewer measurement technology respects privacy with no unique identifier on the system and is unable track back to an individual user. 

Malaysian-controlled Fetch is also offered by Optus and possibly soon, M2.