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EXCLUSIVE: Major Moto Relaunch Planned In OZ As Lenovo Sales Boom

EXCLUSIVE: Major Moto Relaunch Planned In OZ As Lenovo Sales Boom

In an exclusive interview with ChannelNews Codrington said that “at this stage we are concentrating on the Moto brand. We are working with all three carriers and two retailers to relaunch the Motorola brand in the second half of 2015”.

Lenovo said that at this stage Lenovo branded smartphones are not part of their plans for 2015.

Nick Reynolds the Marketing Director of Lenovo consumer said “research shows that the Motorola brand is still known and respected in Australia in fact it is among the top four brands recalled by consumers”.
Among the Motorola products to be released will be new smartphones, watches and Motorola branded tablets.

Spearheading the Motorola product line up will be the Moto X there will also be a Motorola Max and new 360 smartwatches.

Both Codrington and Nick Reynolds said that they were confident that that consumers who are buying the Companies premium notebooks at JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman will invest in the Motorola brand because of the connectivity opportunities between the two brands.  

Late last year Lenovo moved into the consumer PC business, and according to Codrington the Company reported record sales of their products in the last week of February.

Reynolds said that the Company was doing “extremely well” in the premium end of the notebook market which has jumped over 40% since Lenovo entered the market with their premium Yoga Pro 3 notebooks and their Yoga Pro 2.

Codrington said that the Company was not doing as well in the tablet market due to the Company primarily concentrating on the launch of the notebooks into the consumer market.

Codrington said that Lenovo was currently talking to other retailers outside of JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman however no decisions have been made to expand the Company’s current retail partners. 

“A big contributor to our retail success in Australia was that both Samsung and Sony exited the consumer PC market as we were entering the market. This allowed retailers to easily slot the Lenovo brand into their PC mix”.

Reynolds said that the Company was currently working on new plans for their tablet range in particular Windows based tablets that will run Windows 10.

“In Japan we have 25% share of the tablet market in Australia we are below 10%. This is primarily due to our focus being on notebooks Vs tablets”. 

Reynolds said that where Lenovo had had a lot of success was in stores that were using the Microsoft merchandising system to sell Windows based products and Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

“In stores where there was not a Windows or Microsoft merchandising systems we did not do as well as in stores where the system was used to range Lenovo products” he said. 

Lenovo who also own the Medion range said that the brand was going extremely well in Australia especially in the prepaid SIM market where their packages are sold via the Aldi supermarket chain.