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EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Norman SanDisk Memory Price Gouge Exposed

EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Norman SanDisk Memory Price Gouge Exposed

The Harvey Norman SanDisk red hot deals are so hot that consumers are left $100 out of pocket when comparing the cost of a popular 64GB Ultra Micro SD Card which are proving extremely popular with smartphone, digital camera and action camera users. 

A comparison of six SanDisk memory products reveal that in some cases Harvey Norman prices are over 200% more expensive when compared to the price of the same product in the USA.

Description Best Buy $US Harvey
SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC 64GB Memory
229 278
SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Memory Card
59.95 159
SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC 32GB Memory
69.99 149
SanDisk Extreme SDHC 64GB Memory Card 229 249
SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive
– 32GB
79.95 158
Sandisk Ultra Micro SD 128GB Memory
119 289

We also compared pricing of several of the Harvey Norman SanDisk products on Amazon and www.newegg.com.au which is a US web site that is now shipping into Australia. On the Newegg site the cost of the SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Memory Card 64GB was $49 Vs $59 at Best Buy and $159 at Harvey Norman.

When we approached SanDisk to ask whether they were setting a recommended retail price for the Australian market they said “No”.

George Saad the Country Manager for SanDisk said “We have no recommended retail pricing on our web site it is up to Harvey Norman what they set their retail price at. We have no say in that”. He refused to talk about what price SanDisk was selling their memory to Australian retailers for. 

Currently ChannelNews is conducting an audit of the prices that SanDisk distributors Ingram Micro and Synex are currently selling memory to Australian retailers for, Vs what price retailers in the USA and the UK are being asked to pay. 

Saad who often brags about the profits and market share growth he is getting in Australia, has refused to say whether retailers in Australia are being sold memory at a significantly higher price than what other global retailers are given.

One major retailer said “We suspect that SanDisk pricing is higher in Australia and if that is the case, we could well looking at bring in memory via other overseas suppliers”.  

Saad added “The price of Dram is set by the Dram eXchange, the market fluctuates based on the prices being set on the eXchange.”

Harvey Norman executives were not available to comment, text messages sent to David Ackery the director responsible for electrical and computers were not replied to. 

The retailer who has already been branded the “Most Expensive” store to shop at for comsumer electronics is also pricing other products significantly over the price of the same products online.