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Uber Trouble Spills Down Under

Uber Trouble Spills Down Under

The SMH has been updating events that followed last week’s comment by Uber senior executive Emil Michael, who vented his anger at media outlets that are critical of the company which is currently valued at US$17 billion.

Yesterday the SMH ran another story, with accompanying video online, questioning the legality of Uber’s Australian operations.

Michael’s comments have led to calls for his resignation but senior Uber executives, including CEO Travis Kalanick said they were firmly behind him.

In a statement, Michael, who is highly regarded in Uber for improving its fortunes, apologised but declared the statements were borne out of frustration and said they did not reflect the views of Uber.

In a damage control operation, Uber has hired IBM’s former privacy czar, Harriet Pearson, to review Uber’s privacy practices after claims Michael had tracked the whereabouts of one of the journalists he criticised.