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13 Proving Unlucky For Apple As They Roll Out Yet Another iOS Fix Notch Tipped To Go

13 is supposed to be unlucky for some but despite this, Apple who’s luck is running out when it comes to their own OS with the Company now on yet another fix for their iOS 13 iPhone operating system.

Their latest update is set to fix another set of problems including what iPhone owners are calling “shocking iPhone battery performance”.

Their latest update is the third in a fortnight and is supposed to fix issues introduced with iOS 13.1, which was brought forward by 6 days from its originally scheduled release date to get the features and performance improvements out to users as quickly as possible.

According to Apple, it patches an issue with the previous software release that would sometimes grant third-party keyboards – like SwiftKey, or Google’s GBoard – “full access” behind users’ backs.

It’s also supposed to deliver improved battery performance.

According to Apple iOS 13.1.1 fixes “issues that could prevent iPhone from restoring from backup,” improves Siri recognition on the latest iPhone models, and resolves a glitch that could cause slow syncing in the redesigned Reminders app.

Several keyboards now require “full access” permission to be granted so that the keystrokes can send data to the internet, which could potentially include what you’re typing.

Google’s GBoard needs to be able to access the internet to search for images, GIFs, addresses and directions directly from the keyboard.

However, those who are worried about privacy, or don’t entirely trust the developers behind a certain keyboard, might not want to enable this level of access for the keyboard they’re currently using – and that’s when iOS 13.1 would present an issue.

iPhone Notch

Apple’s iPhone display notch which was revealed with the iPhone X, is also tipped to go in the iPhone 12.

When it was first released back in 2017, Apple executives said it was needed to provide users with more real estate on their smartphone screens, while some said that it was just not aesthetically pleasing, resulting in apps that are meant to hide the notch.

Benjamin Geskin, who creates renders for upcoming smartphones, claimed that the notch may be going away in at least one model of the 2020 iPhone lineup.


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