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JB Hi-Fi Is Simply Smarter

JB Hi-Fi Is Simply Smarter

Bush Australia recently launched a new marketing concept called ”Wake Up To Breakfast Radio” that bundled Bush’s best selling TR82 Retro Digital Radio with a Bush Retro Electric Kettle and Matching toaster.

The concept hangs on the family kitchen, one simple location the majority of Australian’s understand.

”We came up with the idea of a location offer, i.e. the kitchen because Australians associate Breakfast Radio, a prime broadcast slot, with radios, toasters and kettles.,” Bush Australia’s MD, Brian Rodgers says.

”So we had special promotional packaging made to deliver our Bush Retro Kettle, Toaster and DAB radio to consumers in a single carton for the biggest gift giving time of the year. Our objective was to give consumers value for money and retailers an exciting and different opportunity to promote for Christmas using a $299 package that really ticks the give-offer boxes.”

“JB Hi-Fi are always open to new ways of doing business and they understood the Wake up To Breakfast concept from the moment it was presented to its buyers.”

Dick Smith is also on board and Rodgers believes he understands why others haven’t come on board.

The “Wake up to Breakfast Radio concept” did catch retailers by surprise but it wasn’t a surprise that it was well received, unfortunately some companies are too departmentalized to be able to take advantage of left field approach. 

To Rodger’s surprise, while major retail chains hesitated JB-Hi-Fi pounced. It’s now aggressively selling the Wake up To Breakfast bundle of appliances for $249 and chalking up significant numbers of sales.

”We understand in today’s challenging market it’s imperative retail chains maintain tight purchasing structures. JB Hi-Fi’s is tighter than most, but this doesn’t hamper JB’s openness to new ways of selling. So it’s full credit to them,” he says.

Channel news requested a sample of the Wake Up To Breakfast pack from Bush and it arrived in an eye catching red and white high-gloss carton featuring a huge color picture of the radio, toaster and kettle.

Channel News staff are familiar with the TR82DAB radio and have enjoyed its eye-catching retro looks along with its pleasing sound quality and high standard of fit and finish, in previous reviews.

The toaster and Kettle have the look and feel of models that are much more expensive. This trio of nicely presented appliances is solid value for money at the RRP of $299.

 JB’s $249 price makes it an irresistible offer for cost conscious consumers. A price-point that also confirms why JB Hi-Fi’s buyers are the best in the business.