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eTile: 19″ InStore Tablet + Intel i7

Meet AOpen eTile, the Full HD, instore tablet designed as interactive experience for info hungry consumers. Launched for the first time globally today in Sydney by Intel and Aopen, who say is the next big thing in digital retail, dubbed “the total experience” for customers.  

But this is no iPad – its got serious grunt, says AOpen’s Stephen Borg, Corporate Director, Global Strategy and Market Development, who predicts it “will revolutionise retail.” 

The mobile retail tablet 3rd generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, and runs Android or Windows (the first time Intel Ivy Bridge can run Windows 7/8 and Android). 
“It has a tablet look and feel that has all the retail back end and industrial strength” – its 10 touch point screen it can be hit 20 million times before eTile will fail, which is a lot of consumers. It can power full-sized HD video walls.   

Designed by Intel and Aopen in Taiwan, eTILE, has multiple uses –  point-of-sale, virtual store, videos, media campaigns, displays, and comes with Aim software (optional) that runs analytics. It also helps with inventory control.  
AOpen eTile is “suitable for retailers with a lot of content,” says Borg, so good for electronics retailers with oodles of products. 

“eTILE’s commercial grade screen is ideal for playing any kind of
digital media. It’s compelling to look at and use,
and perfect for showcasing products and information,” he says. 
Costing $1300 and up, it comes in 15″, 18.5″ and 21″ screen,  powerful Intel QM77 chipset, thin form factor (30mm), webcam, comes with mounting bracket, 8GB memory. 
Retail m-commerce is growing at an exponential rate, it account for 11% of total digital spend. “Retailers do get it” says Borg, and are aware of “customers scanning barcodes, comparing online looking for richer experience.”  
eTile’s analytical capabilities is where its gets clever and useful. Customer intelligence gathered include facial recognition via HD camera which feedbacks data like age, demographic, consumer reaction, the amount of time spent at the display, products viewed.
However, all the consumer data is completely anonymous, and fed back to a cloud service, nothing is stored locally. 
It is waterproof, dustproof and the brightness of the HD screen is a major attraction for consumers instore. It is already in Bunnings (used by brand GWA),and Noodle Box ordering system was demoed at the launch today. 

Feedback has also been “positive” from both retailers and consumers, says Matthew Jones, Intel Group Manager for Industry Development. 
The retail tile has been quietly testing in several Aussie retailers – among the first in the world including Bunnings via one of their brands, GWA who has a “decent uplift in sales” following use, says Borg, and Isobar. 

The greatest response is from brands themselves as they can control content, scan codes, use social networks to drive instore sales. 
 It can be customised to retail/consumer demands and can be used across the retail spectrum, says Borg. 
In the case of GWA, it allowed consumers ask plumber type questions about how sinks, taps would be installed. 
Other uses include a surf shop who streamed live surfing videos. Consumers can also order goods that are not currently in stock. 
“It is just another step along the path to digital signage,” says Borg
It is also better than kiosks as “tablets are familiar to consumers”, and the touchscreen is exactly the same on iPad et al. 
AOpen, who do a lot of digital signage, say eTile is better than a kiosk as simply you can touch it. 
Also kiosks lack management tools, and cost more (typically $3-$5,000).  
eTile also has Intel Active Management Technology so retailers can remote manage it if there is a failure, owner can fix it from HQ, ensure software is always running. It can’t be turned off unless remotely done. 
It will be debuted in San Francisco on 12-13 September and Intel and Aopen taking two Aussie software providers global – Opensign and Ordermate. 
Iso Bar, Engagis, Nuon and Ordermate have already signed on as eTILE resellers and solution providers