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YouTube Removed From Sony TV’s

Sony has moved to remove YouTube on all Bravia smart TV sets made in 2012.

According to GFK data tens of thousands of the Bravia TVs was sold in Australia that year. The Japanese company said that all software relating to YouTube will be removed from the TVs by 30 September.

The devices will not be capable of displaying videos from the site due to changes made by YouTube to the way it handles uploads. At this stage it is not known how many other TV brands are affected.

Sony has released a list of the 50 models across the range of TV sets that will be affected by the change.

In a statement posted to its customer support site, Sony said the television sets were not losing access because of a “failure” of the set.

Instead, it said, recent changes made to YouTube “exceed the capability of the TV’s hardware”.

This is believed to refer to Google’s recent decision to start encrypting all connections to its video-sharing site. Encrypting and decrypting data can be a computationally intensive task that the processors in Bravia sets that handle net-connected functions cannot cope with.

Some owners of affected TV sets have already been reporting seeing error messages or video streams freezing during playback.

The TV sets affected span the range of Bravia devices from smaller sets only 20in (50cm) across to those that span 89in (2.2m) and at the time cost over $20,000.

the move reveals the potential problems that can emerge buying a smart TV from a vendor who is reliant on third-party organisations to deliver software and content.

Recently Aldi delivered a new 4K UHD TV and shortly Big W will release a 65 inch 4K UHD TV. Both these models are as good as any Sony TV that we have seen the big differences that these TVs are sub $1,100.

By adding a Chromecast, Firestick or Apple TV box for the delivery of smart TV services rather than rely on the in-built capabilities of a TV allows owners to have the latest in smart TV technology the can be easily upgraded via a low-cost plug-in box.

Earlier this year Microsoft removed Skype from TVs as a result several manufacturers are now moving to remove Cameras from being built in to a TV.

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