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Yolk Releases World’s Thinnest Solar Power Phone Charger

The power to charge your phone in only 2 hours. Phones have trouble holding charges for the whole day. If you are someone on the go or constantly connected, keeping your phone charged and working throughout the week can be difficult.

The idea of carrying a portable charger around throughout the day is not appealing for most. However, there is a solution to the phone charge problem. One that could keep your phone charged on the go.

Chicago engineers have created a product that is lightweight called Solar Paper. This product is now available for purchase. Solar Paper comes in four very different versions.

The 5W version costs $148 This is created by combining individual 2.5W panels. This device can charge your Iphone or Galaxy S3 in 5 hours.

The 7.5W model of this product can charge in the same amount of time as the 5W, but can charge the phone even on a cloudy day. Where this is no direct sunlight for the charge.

The last and most powerful model is the 10W version. This product would generally be used for tablets such as the galaxy note or the Ipad Air. Each model weighs 60g and are 1.5mm. thick.

One of the best features of this product include a reset feature which activates automatically. Many other products force you to reconnect every time you use it. Lastly it has a low power using LCD Screen. This allows the user to see how much that solar Paper is generating anytime of the day.

The creator of this great technology Claim (Yolk) “We have the world’s top technology making highly efficient solar panels.”

This technology is the world lightest and thinnest solar panel charger. These panels have revolutionised how we conduct our business and allow us to charge our devices whenever and wherever we go with convenience.


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