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Yamaha Expands Hi-Fi Family With A-S Amplifiers & NS-3000 Speakers

Yamaha is expanding its selection with of high-end integrated amplifiers and premium bookshelf speakers with the A-S Series Integrated Amplifiers and NS-3000 speakers. These latest Yamaha additions draw on the company’s long-standing expertise in musical instruments and audio equipment to deliver sound that is true to the original.

“These new amplifiers and speakers combine years of customer feedback, research and development to deliver a reinvented line of amp and speaker technology, with many engineering and patented features directly carried over from our 5000 Series,” said Simon Goldsworthy, General Manager for Yamaha Music Australia’s AV Division. “Music lovers deserve a rewarding and authentic reproduction of their favourite tunes. A pure and truly moving listening experience is never the result of just one component.”

A-S Series of Integrated Amplifiers

Built with stunning craftmanship, the new A-S Series of amplifiers share several features of Yamaha’s 5000 Series, such as their toroidal transformers, which aim to reduce energy loss; mechanical grounding that helps to eliminate surplus vibrations; and thick wires that establish a more solid ground connection for lower impedance. In addition to producing rich sound, each of the A-S Series amplifiers are also stylish pieces that have a modern-vintage aesthetic. Every model is available in black or silver. While the A-S3200 is available now, the A-S2200 and A-S1200 are scheduled to be launched in Australia sometime in May.


The entry-level A-S1200 sports retro-chic level meters, a floating balanced power amplifier and iron feet.

RRP: $3,499.00

Inputs: 4 x RCA; 1 x Main; 1 x Phono (MM/MC)

Outputs: Rec Out; Pre-Out; Remote I/O

Dimensions: 435 x 157 x 463 mm

Weight: 22kg


The A-S2200 has a fully balanced circuit and floating amplifier design, with silver-plated brass feet and a headphone amplifier. It has pure copper continuous crystal construction, internal speaker wires, and 22,00 uF/63V block capacitors.

RRP: $4,999.00

Inputs: 1 x XLR; 4 x RCA; 1 x Main; 1 x Phono (MM/MC)

Outputs: Rec Out; Pre-Out; Remote I/O

Dimensions: 435 x 157 x 463 m

Weight: 22.7kg


As the most premium amplifier in the series, the A-S3200 features a floating amplifier design, which helps to minimise ground noise, a headphone amplifier and custom feet from the 5000 Series. It is built high-quality polyphenylene sulfide film capacitors, brass screws and gilding oxygen-free copper terminals.

RRP: $9,999.00

Inputs: 2 x XLR; 4 x RCA; 1 x Main; 1 x Phono (MM/MC)

Outputs: Rec Out; Pre Out; Remote I/O

Dimensions: 435 x 180 x 464 mm

Weight: 24.7kg

NS-3000 Speakers

The NS-3000 speakers offer many of the same features as the NS-5000 but in a more compact design. It is equipped with a resonance suppression chamber, a new acoustic absorber, a crossover circuit that features the Mundorf-made MCap Supreme Evo audio and ZYLON drivers. They NS-3000 speakers are not yet available in Australia, but Yamaha has said they will be rolled out in late 2020. Pricing will also be confirmed at a later date.

The NS-3000 speakers come with the SPS-3000 speaker stands, which provide the optimal surface for the speakers so that they can deliver the best possible performance. The vibration-isolating feet of the SPS-3000 safeguard against the negative impact of vibrations to maintain audio accuracy.

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