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Forget 4K: Changhong Giant 105″ ‘5K’ TV

Forget 4K: Changhong Giant 105" Changhong has unveiled the world’s largest 105-inch Curved TV with an Ultra HD display – but its not 4K UHD resolution, which is 3840 x 2160. It’s Ultra-Max’ 5K. 

So, if 4K is four times the res. of Full HD, what’s 5K, I hear you cry? 

On sale in China, Changhong 105″ Ultra-Max TV has 5K (5120 X 2160) effective pixels resolution, which it says heralds the start of 5K television era. 

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The Curved home theatre display is due to be unveiled to the masses at IFA, Berlin next month.  

The Google TV runs Android 4.2. The Chinese TV maker says the 5K technology makes for clearer, sharper, more realistic pictures with no “thick black edges”, and the “unique” 21:9 widescreen, and 240HZ speed response puts it on par with cinema screens, ideal for watching movies. Most TV screen ratios are 16:9. 

The Curved LED Smart TV also has Face recognition, Sports Plus and ‘Ciri’ voice control. 

The giant 105″ Curved 5K TV also has U-MAX parlor revolutionary technology to enhance the viewing on the bright and dark field level grayscale edge transition, so less image smearing and 360-degree color reproduction. 

The Chinese TV brand is known for its low prices, so its likely this giant screen, too, will be ultra competitive..