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Mr Dolby, Master of Sound Dies

Dr. Ray Dolby, founder of founded Dolby Laboratories, has died.

Dolby, 80, died at his home in San Francisco, it was announced on Friday last. 
The sound master was suffering from Alzheimer’s and has been diagnosed with acute Leukaemia in his later years.
Synonymous with sound, Dolby founded Dolby Laboratories in 1965 and pioneered ground breaking noise reduction and surround sound technologies, owning more than 50 patents. 
Dolby Labs paid tribute to Dr. Dolby saying his” pioneering work continues to inspire technologies that fuel the imagination of the entertainment and communications industries and his legacy of innovation will be felt for decades to come”.
Dolby Labs won 10 Academy Awards and 13 Emmys for its contribution to sound entertainment. 

Dr. Dolby said: “I was never a gold-digger, or an Oscar-digger, or anything like that. I just had an instinct about the right sort of things that should be done in my business. So all these things just fell into place.”
“I’ve often thought that I would have made a great 19th century engineer, because I love machinery. I would have liked to have been in a position to make a better steam engine, or to invent the first internal combustion engine; to work on the first car. 

“All my life, I’ve loved everything that goes; I mean bicycles, motorcycles, cars, jeeps, boats, sail or power, airplanes, helicopters. I love all of these things, and I just regret that I was born in a time when most of those mechanical problems had already been solved and what remained were electronic problems.”
He is survived by his wife Dagamar and sons Tom and David.