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Xiaomi Detail Plans For Under-Screen Selfie Camera

Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi has given further details about its proposed under-screen camera as smartphone makers race to figure out how to make a full-screen phone without camera notches or punch holes.

Xiaomi’s top-of-the-range phone in Australia, the Mi Mix 3, currently uses a slide mechanism to hide the front-facing camera when not in use, similar to pop-up cameras found on some other Chinese phones like the Oppo Reno.

Now the company says it’s working on a camera that will sit under the screen itself with no slide or pop-up.

Xiaomi Senior Vice President Wang Xiang has now given more detail on how the proposed under-screen camera would work, posting a series of slides on Twitter.

A transparent display would double as the camera lens, activating when the camera is turned on to allow light to enter and take photos, and providing an almost seamless full-screen display when the camera is inactive.

Xiaomi also claims this would allow for better image quality as it would eliminate the incentive to make the camera notch as small as possible.

The company is yet to announce any phone that would feature the new design, saying it is “exploring the possibility”.

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