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Woolies Expands One-Hour Delivery To Melbourne

Supermarket giant Woolworths has expanded its new one-hour delivery service Metro60 to Melbourne.

The fast grocery delivering service will launch from five separate Melbourne Metro stores, covering 40 suburbs in north-west Melbourne.

Metro60 launched in mid-June, servicing 70 suburbs across the eastern suburbs of Sydney, with the promise of groceries delivered in under an hour for a flat $5 fee.

Unlike fast-growing grocery service Milkrun, which employs its own delivery staff, Woolies uses Uber drivers.

The service may also expand to include Big W delivery.

“Our busy customers are already familiar with the convenience a Woolworths Metro provides when they’re on the go,” said Woolworths’ chief transformation office, Von Ingram.

“We see Metro60 as an opportunity to offer a new level of ultra convenience and help customers save even more time,”



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