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Woman Bites Through Cable To Steal iPhone

A woman has been caught on security footage, stealing an iPhone 14 from an electronics store in China, and has now gone viral.

She was identified only as Qui, and was caught stealing an iPhone 14 Plus.

In the footage, she appears shocked at the price tag, and was then seen biting through the anti-theft cable. She was successful in biting through and proceeded to throw the phone in her purse, and leave the store.

Reports note the phone retails for 7,000 yuan, or approximately $1,490 AUD.

Staff noticed the device was missing around 30 minutes after she left, and within half an hour the footage led to the arrest of Qui outside her home by police.

She was honest with authorities, claiming the price was too expensive for her liking. Police say she wandered around the store for a bit before appearing like she was browsing.

It was reported the store alarm went off when she attempted, however, staff didn’t notice.

Social media users were quick comment with mixed reactions:

“A dog’s bite,” one Weibo user said.

“The quality of the anti-theft cable must be bad,” said another.

“Yes you can chew it, but there are surveillance cameras everywhere,” a third added.

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