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Will iPhone 13 Finally Add This Killer Samsung Feature?

Apple’s next iPhone could come with reverse wireless charging, according to rumours, finally adding a feature that has been available on Samsung flagship phones for more than two years.

Prominent leaker Max Weinbach has said the iPhone 13’s charging coil is set to be slightly bigger than that of the 12 range, which could indicate a boost to MagSafe charging or improved heat management, but may also be a sign that reverse wireless charging is coming to the iPhone.

Reverse wireless charging allows phones to charge devices like other phones and wireless earbuds – including Apple’s AirPods – similarly to a wireless charging pad. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S phones, as well as the Note, Fold, and Flip series, have had this feature, under the name “Wireless PowerShare”, since the Galaxy S10 range (above) in 2019.

The phone has yet to be officially revealed, with speculation it could be called the “iPhone 12S” instead of the iPhone 13 to allay superstitious customers; however, images of dummy phones (top) used by case manufacturers to design their products have leaked on Chinese social media site Weibo, seemingly confirming that the new iPhone model will have a diagonal camera setup compared to the vertical one on the iPhone 12.

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