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Which Heavy Duty iPhone X Case Is The Toughest?

Following the launch of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, accessory manufacturers have rushed to launch a suite of complimentary cases. As the tenth-anniversary smartphone is Apple’s most expensive handset to date, it’s understandable that brands are choosing to push ‘durable’ and ‘heavy duty’ covers for the cautious consumer.

Amidst a sea of marketing claims, SmartHouse trialed some of the leading smartphone case manufacturers’ new iPhone X cases, to determine which offered the most protection.

Notes From Our Tester:

Speck’s Presidio cases (with added drop protection to 10ft – Grip, Wallet, Show and basic) offer the best fit and feel by far. The Presidio Grip has a nice texture that makes it easy to hold and is my personal favourite. Black is a very sleek colour and reinforces the look and feel of the iPX. The Presidio Wallet is good commuters who want to keep their travel and credit cards handy, however, does add bulk as a trade-off.

The Speck Presidio clear cases – which claim to be drop-proof to 8ft (Glitter, Print and Clear) suffer from three glaring issues. Firstly, the right on/off button is “sticky”, requiring a hard press. Not a good design, but may be easier to use as it wears in. Secondly, the vents for the speakers don’t line up. Not a big issue, but aesthetically looks somewhat ‘cheapish’. Finally, for an average of $40 these cases are a bit flimsy – an extra $10 for shock protection is an affordable insurance policy you would be mad not to get.

[Speck Presidio Grip]

[Speck Presidio Print]

[Speck Presidio Show]

The Moshi iGlaze case has a very nice look and feel. If it offered drop protection, and perhaps a little more grip, it would easily rival the Speck Presidio Grip as a leading option. The Moshi Overture Wallet also suffers from a sticky on/off switch. The cover wins points for protecting the $400 iPX screen, but could really do with a clasp. The whole thing is real leather, but doesn’t portray a premium feel. Unfortunately, the Moshi Vitros Clear case is awful. It exposes just how flimsy a case it is, essentially just a piece of molded plastic for $40. Consumers could easily purchase a similar product from Paddy’s Market for $5.

[Moshi iGlaze]

[Moshi Overture Wallet]

[Moshi Moshi Vitros Clear]

Australian-based, EFM, has a great new case – the Aspen Black & Grey, and is marketed as offering the “ultimate” drop protection, featuring a nice grippy black bumper, clear back (albeit a bit slippery) and raised edges for extra protection. The case can also be paired with their accompanying screen protector, which seriously sets the benchmark for a stylish look, with tough durability. Combined, these two items should keep most iPhone X users very happy, especially those who desire protection beyond the normal phone punishment.

[Note: For the purpose of this trial, wireless charging was not tested].

[EFM Aspen]

[EFM Aspen – Section View]

[EFM Cayman]

 Speck, Moshi and EFM smartphone cases are available to purchase from several authorised Australian retailers.

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