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Want The Ultra Rare Nintendo PlayStation? Get Ready To Fork Out $350k+

The original, ultra-rare prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation has been put up for auction via Heritage Auctions, but for those interested in owning a piece of gaming history, get ready to empty out your pockets as it has reached well over $300,000 within 24 hours, and now sits at well over $350,000.

Considered the world’s rarest gaming console, Nintendo and Sony’s collaborative effort back in the 80s – called the ‘Play Station’ – was a prototype machine with the ability to play both NES cartridge games and CD games.

Ultimately, this collaboration would eventually fall through, leading Sony to go their own way and develop their highly acclaimed first-generation PlayStation console in 1994, and the rest is history.

In 2009, a man named Terry Diebold unknowingly found the prototype at a bankruptcy auction (which happened to include items from former Sony CEP Olaf Olafsson) under a ‘junk pile’ and picked it up for $75.

As one of under 200 prototype units to ever be produced, the highly sought-after console has reached near-legend status, with Diebold having already turned down million-dollar offers over the years.

“This prototype has been around the world and back again, admired and appreciated by video game enthusiasts from all over,” Heritage Auctions said.

“Even though this is the closing of this portion of its narrative, it will continue to remain a pivotal piece of video game history no matter where it ends up.”

Heritage Auctions also reassures interested gamers that the console still works fine, having tested it by “playing several rounds of Mortal Kombat”.

Proxy bidding ends on March 6, with live bidding taking place straight afterwards, so interested people should start getting their funds together now if they want a shot at owning a piece of gaming history.

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