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Is This HTC ‘All New One’?

Is This HTC

The ‘leaked’ Telstra poster is advertising a repackaged One smartphone with a slightly larger scratch resistant 5″ Full HD screen, duo camera with better focus and ‘3D effects’, and HTC Sense 6.0, published on mobile site GSM

The phone will also turn on with two taps to the screen. 

The All New One, also known as the M8, has a suave all metal body, and Boomsound front facing speakers as on the original One, hailed as one of the best phones of last year. 
Image: GSM Arena

The Telstra poster is advertising the All New One on a $70 a-month plan (+extra $10) or $840 to buy outright. The telco are also apparently offering a trade in of “up to $400” depending on what shape the old phone is in. 

The poster was created just last week, with 06/03/2014 date appearing at the bottom.  

HTC as a company are suffering badly in the face of fierce competition against Samsung and Apple whose largesse is killing the smaller player, whose marketing budget is more limited. Neither HTC nor Telstra were available for comment at the time of writing. 
The Taiwanese company has made variations of the One from gold hues to One Mini and One Max phablet.