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Red Telco Ups 4G Ante

Red Telco Ups 4G Ante 
Vodafone is accelerating the pace of its 4G rollout, adding more than 100 new LTE (4G) sites every month.

“We are currently adding more than 100 new LTE (4G) sites each month, which we expect to ramp up to 300 a month later in the year,” says Vodafone Chief Technology Officer Benoit Hanssen. 
It’s part of our commitment to delivering a fast reliable network experience to our customers wherever they live, work and play.”

The telco recently recorded the one millionth customer on its 4G service.
Voda’s 4G service has been recognised in speed tests as being fastest in Sydney and Melbourne but Hanssen says “independent OOKLA speedtest results show we are now No. 1 for speed in Brisbane and Perth.” 
4G Speedtest by OOKLA in February 2014

Vodafone has again launched its Double Data offer for new and existing customers.

Customers joining or upgrading their current plans to a 12- or 24-month $65 Vodafone Red Plan and above before the 29th of April 2014 will receive double the amount of data for the life of their contracts.
Vodafone claims in some cases, its Double Data offer triples the value of the other providers, like on a $100 Vodafone Red plan, you get 10GB of data (double the usual 5GB).