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Vodafone Takes It Back Up To Telstra & Optus

Vodafone Takes It Back Up To Telstra & Optus

Vodafone who was once described as “Vodafail” because of their network problems is back showing Telstra who has been rebrand by some customers as “Hellstra” after constant network failures how it should be done.

While Telstra still has the fastest network a new report by wireless mapping company OpenSignal reveal that Optus and Vodafone were tied on 4G speeds, both averaging about 19 Mbps during the test period from February 1 to April 30 this year.

The Company compared the performance of Australia’s three largest telcos based on 15 million data samples crowdsourced from 7904 users.

The results show Telstra leading the pack for 4G speeds, with average downloads of 23.6 megabits per second, as well as overall speeds, averaging 17.1 Mbps across both 3G and 4G networks.

The study found all three telcos had effectively the same 3G speeds of about 4 Mbps and that customers of both Telstra and its smaller competitor Vodafone could access 4G about 77 per cent of the time.

Optus customers could connect to 4G about 73 per cent of the time.

The result is a big turnaround for Vodafone who suffered an exodus of customers because of poor network coverage, this is now happening to Telstra who are currently running customer surveys in an effort to find out just much their brand has been damaged by constant broadband and network failures.


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