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New Martin Logan Speakers Are The Real Deal When It Comes To Award Winning Sound

New Martin Logan Speakers Are The Real Deal When It Comes To Award Winning Sound

Martin Logan a US Hi Fi Company is a world’s leader in electrostatic and Folded Motion loudspeakers has seen a significant increase in demand for their speakers since they moved to Audio Active a Melbourne based distributor.

Recently Audio Active took delivery of the first pairs of Martin Logan 60XT’s. Paul Clark Marketing Director at Audio Active said that the new speakers are “damn good” by any standard. 

They claim that the new Motion XT speakers play louder, lower, and with unflinching accuracy. 

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Larger woofers and cabinets, paired with Martin Logan’s Folded Motion XT driver, deliver an engaging and encompassing experience that” cuts straight to the emotion locked inside a recording”.

The Motion XT speakers feature a combination of high-performance components; high-excursion, black aluminium cone woofers with low-turbulence, rear-firing, bass ports that deliver extended and more powerful bass than in the past.

A larger arguer more accurate Folded Motion XT tweeters boasts a radiating surface 40% larger than prior Motion Series speakers for ultra-low distortion.

 A dedicated mid-woofer on the Motion 60XT promotes an even more open, revealing and authentic sound in the critical midrange. The result is acoustic alchemy across the frequency spectrum, creating what Martin Logan describes as an unbelievably realistic musical experience.

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Complementing their sonic accuracy is an elegant yet understated styling. Luscious high-gloss finishes, subtle angled-top cabinets with soft radius corners and signature Martin Logan perforated grilles accentuates their powerful elegance.

Martin Logan’s dedicated in-house engineering team designed the Motion Series to deliver speakers with a powerful dynamic range and what has been described as “jaw-dropping clarity”.

Additional refinements include custom 5-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts that allow ultimate connection flexibility, and reinforced solid internal bracing that eliminates internal resonances and standing waves.

The complete Motion Series comprises of four floor standing speakers (Motion 20, 40 and 60XT), two bookshelf speakers (Motion 15 and 35XT) and two centre channels (Motion 30 and 50XT). Each speaker is voice-matched, ensuring mix-and-match versatility to create the ideal system for any size room.

The Motion 60XT which is now available in Australia retails for $4999.