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New Retailer Tech2Go Hits Sydney

As the downturn in consumer electronics continues, Tech2Go defies the trend, hitting the mainstream retail scene.

Tech2Go has just set up a store in North Sydney’s Greenwood shopping centre – besides the local railway station – selling electronics, PC and mobile accessories.

But “you probably won’t see many downtown,” says Brian Carson, Tech2Go’s Business development manager, and will be sticking to travel locations only.

Described on its website as “a dynamic IT support & solutions provider,” the electronics seller has several stores including two in Sydney airport – one in the Qantas terminal and a temporary store in the Virgin terminal – which it hopes will be a permanent fixture, says Carson.

The electronics retailer, which sells everything from headphones to tablets and mobile accessories, is owned by LS travel retail Asia Pacific,a division of Lagardere.

95% of its business interests are in airports, but after the North Sydney store opening, other prominent rail locations could be on its radar, meaning it may not be too far off the CBD in the future.

Other brands owned by LS include Newslink, Watermark, Australia Made and Discover, all of which are located at the airport.

The company has 120 travel concept stores in all in Australia, in all.

Its owner has an office based on Holt St, Sydney and where it employs about 100 staff.