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Why Turkish Appliance Maker Beko Should come Clean About Death Products

Beko Australia, have failed to respond to several voice and written requests from Smarthouse. All we want to know is whether any of their products being sold in Australia are similar to the “death trap” products being sold in the UK.

We  believe Beko Australia have an obligation to explain whether the Beeko products being sold in Australia are the same or similar to the products that have been described in the UK as “death traps” by both the London Fire Brigade, the Media and consumer groups, also critising the Companies products are two UK Coroners.

Beko is a Turkish Company who launched themselves into the Australian market last year. In the UK where Beko products were extremely popular leading media Companies such as the BBC, ITN and several leading newspapers such as the Daily Mail, The Mirror and the Sunday Times have highlighted a tyranny of problems involving the Companies products.

In the UK the London Fire Brigade and consumers group Which who are a similar organisation to Choice have been warning consumers that Beeko products spanning fridge freezers, tumble driers and gas cookers have the potential to kill.

11 deaths have been attributed to Beko made appliances.

The Company is being sued for $2.1M after the 2010 death of Santosh Benjamin-Muthiah a former Microsoft employee.

His widow Jennifer Benjamin says: ‘The public need to be made aware’

London Fire Brigade warned Beko of ‘ potential threat to life’ back in June 2010

The Company, like in Australia has been accused of failing to respond to problems associated with their products.

 Beko was warned back in November 2008 of a potentially lethal flaw in some of its gas cookers after three deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning.

An advertising campaign was launched by the Company three months later, by which time three more people had died. Four other people are believed to have been killed by the cookers.

This is a Company who appear to believe that silence is the best form of defence when things are going wrong, they also appear from the actions of their European subsidiaries to be a Company that does not have in place good communication strategies for both the media and consumers you may be concerned that the Beko appliances they are looking to buy have potential problems.

Which, a major UK consumer organisation wrote on their web site ‘Beko’s handling of its fridge freezer disaster has come under lots of criticism from the people who matter – its customers. We’ve had over 300 comments about the problem, with many turning their backs on Beko’.

All we want to know is what has been done to ensure that Beko products being sold in Australia are not going to burst into flames.

Beko Australia executives have put their UK problems down to “media hype”, maybe they say that to Jennifer Benjamin who lost her husband to what has been described as a faulty Beeko product.

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