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Samsung’s OLED TV Reportedly Pushing $20K


For more than two years, big name TV makers have been teasing tradeshow attendees with stunning OLED televisions. Their slender profile was enough to stop you in your tracks while their superior picture quality would leave you in a daze.

As attractive as these televisions were, they remained inert on tradeshow floors, far away from production lines, shop shelves and living rooms.

However, LG has raced to the forefront by announcing their 55 inch OLED television will be available shortly for $AU12,000. Now it appears Samsung is readying the release of their Super-OLED televisions too, according to an HDGuru report.

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Recently Samsung concluded its Southeast Asia Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the company revealed its 55 inch OLED television will cost the equivalent of $US18,434. The report also claims Samsung’s OLED television will be arriving in August, giving LG a hearty head start in the OLED market which, according to DisplaySearch data, is expected to grow to 7.2 million units by 2016.

Samsung’s Super OLED TV (KN55F9500) uses red, green and blue organic light emitting diodes, while LG’s (55EM9700) throws “‘white’ OLEDs, which are a sandwich of red, blue, green OLED layers under red, green blue, and clear filters.” Each company argues their technology is superior.

Since going on pre-order in January, more than 100 people in South Korea have places an order for LG’s $AU12,000 television.