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USB-C Devices Will Soon Be Able To Handle 240 Watts Of Power

The USB Implementers Forum has announced a huge upgrade to USB-C compatible computers, laptops, monitors and other devices, which will be able to support 240 watts of power from later this year.

Currently, USB-C can only handle 100 watts of power.

The USB-IF says this ‘Extended Power Range’ will soon become the new standard.

“We expect devices supporting higher wattages in the second half of 2021,” USB-IF said in a statement.

“All EPR cables shall be visibly identified with EPR cable identification icons as defined by the USB-IF. This is required so that end users will be able to confirm visually that the cable supports up to as high of PDP = 240W.

“For USB Power Delivery, each cable assembly is identified as being either only usable for Standard Power Range (SPR) operation or usable for both SPR and Extended Power Range (EPR) operation.”

That’s one more acronym you’ll have to get use to.

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