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US Urges Allies To Drop Huawei Amid Security Saga

The US government has reportedly embarked on an ‘outreach campaign’, urging foreign allies to ditch equipment and services from Chinese giant, Huawei, citing cybersecurity concerns.

According to the Wall Street JournalAmerican officials have briefed international allies where Huawei equipment is widely used – e.g. German, Italy and Japan.

It follows the launch of Huawei’s new flagship phone, the Mate 20 Pro, which despite rave reviews is not being sold in the United States.

Reports claim the US is also considering lifting financial aid for telco development in countries which avoid Chinese-made products/services.

In addition to cybersecurity, concerns reportedly relate to the use of Chinese telco equipment in countries which host US military bases.

As previously reported, earlier this year intelligence chiefs from the FBI, CIA and NSA issued a warning against the use of Huawei products and services.

It follows the Australian government’s recent ban again the involvement of Huawei and ZTE in the local 5G network build.

Despite this, Huawei has made clear its global ambitions for 5G technology, demonstrating its new 5G home broadband routers in London this week.

Huawei has confirmed it’s also working closely with some UK telcos to test and release 5G commercially next year.

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