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US Intel Report Casts Doubt On Zoom Safety

The American Department of Homeland Security is reportedly concerned that popular videoconferencing platform, Zoom, is vulnerable to overseas spy agencies.

Obtained by ABC News, an intelligence analysis by the Department describes Zoom as a “target-rich environment” for hackers and other spy agencies – urging organisations to consider the risk before using.

The report states hackers are likely able to identify new or existing security vulnerabilities in Zoom, potentially compromising user devices or corporate networks. The notice also casts doubt on the effectiveness of recent security fixes/patching.

In a statement provided to ABC, a Zoom spokesperson claims the company disagrees with the report labelling the intelligence analysis “heavily misinformed” with “blatant inaccuracies” about Zoom’s operations. 

Zoom has also asserted previously broadcast security issues were actively addressed over the past few weeks.

The news comes as usage of Zoom skyrockets from home-bound consumers and work-from-home employees amid the COVID19 pandemic.

As US-China relations continue to strain, the Department has also raised concern over the use of Chinese developers working on some of Zoom’s operations.

The company asserts developers in China do not have full access to Zoom’s production environment, complemented by layered safeguards and cybersecurity protection.

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