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US-Banned 360fly Donald Trump Video Takes Off In Oz

A satirical advertisement supporting 360fly’s recently released 4K immersive 360-degree video camera has been banned by US networks including ABC, NBC and CBS.

As previously reported by ChannelNews, 360fly is focusing on the US presidential race, with an exclusive interview with Peter Adderton, 360fly CEO, here.


The spot “features actors portraying the three most-prominent US presidential candidates, utilising the widely debated border wall concept as its primary focal point”.

“The fictional futuristic satire is set in a desert landscape at the foot of the newly constructed border wall, where a rally takes place to celebrate the wall’s construction,” 360fly states of the ad.

With a President Trump look-a-like standing “at the podium delivering a triumphant declaration”, a blogger utilises the 360fly 4K 360-degree video camera, recording the event and capturing “much more than merely the presidential address”.

“The blogger’s finger swipes across the screen of his mobile device, panning across the 360-degree video frame to reveal the end of a tunnel that’s been dug under the wall behind the president,” 360fly states.

It reveals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders look-a-likes “assisting Mexican immigrants out of the tunnel that have successfully made their way under the wall and onto US soil”.

“Focused firmly on delivering his triumphant address and claiming the wall is ‘impenetrable’, the president remains oblivious to the activity taking place behind him as Mexican immigrants continue to emerge from the tunnel,” 360fly states.

The spot finishes with the message: “Get a broader perspective. Miss nothing.”

“People are inherently driven to take a side, adopting a very narrow and singular point of view where politics are concerned, and that’s exactly what the camera industry has done for quite a while now,” Adderton stated.

“This spot acts like a metaphor for the camera industry and showcases how 360fly allows you to break out of that singular focus and capture and relive experiences from every possible point of view.”

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